The Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Centre

JSSADC runs sub aqua and associated courses for service men and women as part of the Joint Services Adventurous Training (JSAT) Scheme.  Following many years in Fort Bovisand, the centre is now based in HMNB Devonport, Plymouth.

Courses are delivered and qualifications awarded using training programmes produced by the British Sub Aqua Club and the Royal Yachting Association.  These are accepted worldwide.


As the lead centre for diving, the centre’s primary focus is on training supervisors (BSADS & ESADS) and instructors.  Courses are however run for all grades of diver, including the entry level Ocean Diver Course and crossovers for those qualified with other diving certification agencies or through professional military training.

A wide range of Skill Development Courses (SDC) are also offered including those covering boat handlingVHF Radio Operation  and gas blending.  More technical diving courses include the use twinsets, enriched Nitrox mixtures  for decompression and Closed Circuit Rebreather equipment are also run.

The local seas provide some of the best diving in the UK with safe water training areas and more challenging sites within easy reach. The area is particularly rich in wrecks and opportunities are taken wherever possible to introduce wreck diving on all our courses. The centre operates a fleet of four 6.5 metre Delta RIBs which are equipped to operate up to 12 miles offshore.

The Centre also provides a base for diving expeditions for military units from across all three Services.

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