Adventurous Training Foundation Wing (Castlemartin)

The Adventurous Training Foundation Wing (Castlemartin) (ATFW(C))is located in Pembrokeshire and offers both Ocean and Sports Diver Courses from mid April to mid November. These are available to members of all three services although priority is given to Army personnel.

Course List

Course dates can be found below:

They are also available on the ATG(A) site accessible through the Defence Gateway.

How To Apply

Courses  need to be booked through the Adventure Training Group (Army), aka ATG(A) site on the intranet.  This can be accessed from the internet but you will need a valid Defence Gateway username & password.

If you wish to contact them directly then (ATFW(C)) can be phoned on 01646 662284 or Mil 94361 4284.


(ATFW(C)) is also able to support visiting diving expeditions.  They can be contacted at the number above.