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2018 JSSADC Programme

The 2018 JSSADC Programme has now be approved by the JSSADPAC and can be downloaded at this link – 2018 JSSADC Programme. The pages for individual courses have also been updated with the new dates so you can start to plan ahead.

We’ve got the full range of courses so there should be something there of interest to everyone.


Full Time Job at JSSADC

We’re currently looking to recruit a full time civil service member of staff.  The post is a Band D Executive Officer with an annual salary of £24,663 plus the other benefits of being in the civil service which includes a contributory pension and diving pay.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the training of divers and instructors to gain qualifications from the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). In addition they will assess candidates for the award of the Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS) qualification. Secondary tasks include the management of the Motor Transport fleet, act as building manager and Data Protection Officer for JSSADC.

Further details including the application process can be found on the civil service jobs website.

Applications close on 27 Aug 17 and interviews for those who are successful at sift are currently scheduled to take place on 26 Oct at JSSADC in Plymouth.

Get Paid to Do What You Love

The Adventurous Training Foundation Wing (Castlemartin) are recruiting for a part-time BSAC instructor to teach on Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses throughout the diving season (Apr-Nov).

Applicants must be a minimum of Open Water Instructor (Advanced Instructor preferred), Advanced Diver and Diver Coxswain and must hold a HSE diving medical.

A Branch or Expedition Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisor (BSADS or EDSADS) would be advantageous.

Location: Merrion Camp, Pembrokeshire, SA71 5RH
Salary: £140/day fee earner contract (contact for more information)
Working pattern: Mon-Fri, Apr-Nov (dates available on request)
Applications by: Friday 25th August 2017

Click for full details including application process.


Change of JSSADC Email Addresses

To reflect changes within the structure of the Royal Navy’s personnel area, all JSSADC email addresses have changed with effect 26 Jun.  The major change occurs near the beginning of the address and all email addresses have changed as follows:

  • Delete “NAVY PERS” and replace with “NAVY NPS” – thus NAVY PERS-JSSADC OIC has changed to NAVY NPS-JSSADC OIC.  This also applies to emails from the internet thus NAVYPERS[email protected] is now NAVYNPS[email protected]

We have also used the opportunity to abbreviate/amend the email addresses for the Equipment Manager (Des) and Course Clerk (Suzanne).  Their new email addresses are as follows:

It goes without saying that this change will result a dramatic improvement in our ability to deliver courses and training 🙂

Guest Diver Dates for 2017

It’s that time of year again where we’re looking forward to another great diving season.  Once again we’re hoping that service divers will continue  to come and help us out by acting as either guest or rescue divers during our various courses. The dates below are when we require people.

If you are interested then please get in touch with Mr Graeme Crouch on 9375 54729 or [email protected]

Rescue Divers

  • Ocean Diver Course ODC1: 3rd – 7th April
  • Ocean Diver Course ODC2: 12th – 16th Jun
  • Ocean Diver Course ODC3: 31st Jul – 4th Aug
  • Ocean Diver Course ODC4: 7th – 11th Aug
  • Ocean Diver Course ODC5: 4th – 8th Sep
  • Ocean Diver Course ODC6: 13th – 17th Nov

If you would like to help out and have not rescue dived with us before you would need to come in and complete some paper work on the Monday of the course and then on the Tuesday take part in some skills and drills in the pool at HMS Raleigh along with diving with a 3ltr pony as a alternate independent air source. If you cannot make either the Monday or Tuesday please let us know at the earliest opportunity as we can then look to do all this on either the Monday or Tuesday. If you have already completed the paper work and pool dive with us there is no requirement for you to come down and rescue dive until the Wednesday of the course, we look to do 5 open water dives 2 on the weds, 2 on the Thursday and then a depth progression on the Friday if the weather is good (normally on HMS Scylla).

Guest Divers

As part of the BSADS and ESADS course, we need to give the students the opportunity to plan and manage diving with realistic numbers of divers. This provides a great opportunity for individuals to come along and enjoy a few days diving whilst also gaining the opportunity to see what these courses are all about.

  • BSADS 1: 13th – 17th Mar
  • BSADS 2: 24th – 28th Apr
  • BSADS 3: 12th – 16th Jun
  • BSADS 4: 7th – 11th Aug
  • BSADS 5: 4th – 8th Sep
  • BSADS 6: 9th – 13th Oct
  • BSADS 7: 6th – 10th Nov
  • ESADS Assessment 1: 20th – 24th Mar
  • ESADS Assessment 2: 19th – 23rd Jun
  • ESADS Assessment 3: 14th June – 18th Aug
  • ESADS Assessment 4: 11th – 15th Sep
  • ESADS Assessment 5: 13th – 17th Nov

In order to guest dive on these courses you need to have completed a divesin the last 2 months to depths greater than 20m for the BSADS and 25m for the ESADS Assessment.

If you are interested then please get in touch with Mr Graeme Crouch on 9375 54729 or [email protected]


FTRS Vacancy at JSSADC

A vacancy has arisen for an OR4 (LH/Cpl) or OR6 (PO/Sgt) of any specialisation to serve as a Diving Instructor (DI) in the Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Centre Plymouth on FTRS(FC) Terms and Conditions of Service (TCOS).  Full details can be found at the links below:

Please note that it is possible to transfer into the RN Reserve so applicants from other services will be considered.  The closing date is 31 Jan 17.

Any questions then please contact us!

Military Approved Centres (MAC) – Oct 16

The Diving Standards Team (DST) has just updated the list of Military Approved Centres (MACs) which can be downloaded at the link below.

20160922 Military Approved Centres (MAC) – Oct 16


2017 JSSADC Programme

The 2017 JSSADC Programme has now be approved by the JSSADPAC and can be downloaded at this link – 2017 JSSADC Programme.  The pages for individual courses have also been updated with the new dates so you can start to plan ahead.

Once again we’re focussing heavily on the high level courses that will provide branches and expeditions with the instructors and supervisors that are critical to there success.  This means four combined instructor events, seven Branch SADS courses and five ESADS assessments.  Hopefully even the busiest person can find a course to suit!  There are also three Dive Leader and two Advanced Diver courses, one of the latter which includes an expedition to Porthkerris.

We’re also running a plethora of SDCs including the ever popular Small Boathandling, Marine Radio and Chartwork and Position Fixing.  Many of these have been grouped together into a combined boat week which allows you to get all three together.

Of course we’ll also be running lower level courses with opportunities for Ocean and Sports diver training throughout the year.

For the very first time ever, we’re also running the practical elements of the First Class Diver exam over 7 days in October 17.  This will comprise the expedition and project preparation followed by the two day practical exam.

Finally there are another two Advanced Diving weeks programmed which are an ideal opportunity for decompression and technical skills to be developed or refreshed in a service environment.  We hope to get plenty of divers on them both.



Civil Service Diving Jobs at ATFW(C)

The Adventurous Training Foundation Wing (Castlemartin) have vacancies for two staff members and these jobs are expected to go live on the Civil Service Jobs website shortly.   These are permanent jobs at civil service grade D.


The successful applicants will be required to:

  • Deliver Sub Aqua Diver training at Adventurous Training Centre (ATC) in n line in line with current policy and NGB guidelines.
  • Brief visiting units, visitors and the Chain of Command (CoC) when necessary.
  • Produce reports when required to substantiate training delivery.
  • Attend any diving related training where required.
  • In liaison with the Centre OC, writing and maintaining the Sub Aqua Diving Risk Assessments (RA’s).
  • In liaison with the Centre OC writing and maintaining the centre Standard Operating Instructions (SOI) in relation to Sub Aqua diving.
  • Participate for the annual testing of the centre’s emergency action plans (EAP).
  • Advise the CoC on technical matters.
  • In liaison with other subject matter experts (SME) advise on the procurement and through life care of equipment.
  • Inspect and prepare scuba equipment prior to issue.
  • Issue and receipt diving equipment to staff and students.
  • Compress cylinders as required.
  • Prepare and deliver safety dive briefings.
  • Supervise daily diving/lessons.
  • Drive where required.
  • Repair and Maintain equipment where qualified.
  • Produce reports on students and staff when required.
  • Run air test on compressors to comply with BRd 2806(5).
  • Supply cover in other centres when required.

The minimum level of qualifications are:

  • British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Advanced Diver
  • BSAC Open Water Instructor (OWI)
  • BSAC Diver Cox’n
  • Marine Radio Operator
  • Current Health & Safety Executive Medical
  • Current first aid certificate.

Anyone interested in applying should contact Mr Steve Roberts, OC ATFW(C), on 94361 4284 or 01646 662284.

RN-RM Sailing Training Centre (STC) – aka The Camber

Located in Royal Marines Stonehouse (Plymouth), the Camber Sailing Training Centre (STC) offers a variety of sailing and powerboat courses providing Royal Yachting Association (RYA) qualifications.  They’re mainly available for Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel but when spaces allow do take people from the other services.

Courses offered include RYA Dinghy Sailing Level 1 and 2, RYA Dinghy Instructors course, RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2, RYA Powerboat Safety Coxswain, RYA Powerboat Instructor, RYA First Aid, RYA GMDSS course, Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper.

Full details can be downloaded at:this link.