Issues With Loan Pool Equipment

During the Q&A session at the end of the JS Diving Safety Conference, it became apparent that some units and expeditions had encountered problems with diving equipment issued from the AT Loan Pool at Bicester.  A number of these have also been highlighted in PXRs and JS Incident Reports.


These incidents are now being actively investigated by ATG(A) who are putting in place measures to ensure that they do not happen again.

In order to reduce the risk of future issues and ensure that issues identified on expeditions are addressed, ATG(A) have asked that units and expeds are reminded of the following:

  • Units/expeditions collecting equipment from the loan pool are to send an SME with a minimum qualification of Dive Leader.  Without this equipment will not be issued.  For units wishing to draw a FACTAIR F2235 then proof of training will be required.
  • Equipment faults are to be highlighted using the procedures in AGAI Volume 1 Chapter 11 (link requires Defence Gateway account).  The full text is copied below:

11.123. Equipment Damage Reports.  Incidences of any damaged or failed equipment must be notified to the unit QM who is to conduct an investigation, or, in serious circumstances or in cases of serious injury, convene a Board of Inquiry. Damage Reports are to be included in the Post Exercise Report (PXR) and also reported through the appropriate Formation ATDO to HQ ATG (A) as soon as possible. Equipment involved in any accident or incident where an investigation is likely must be withdrawn and secured for the investigation by the unit. The balance of stores is to be returned on time with a letter of explanation (copied to HQ ATG (A)).


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