ESADS Assessment

The Expedition SADS Assessment is conducted over 5 days.  Candidates are assessed on their ability to plan and supervise sub-aqua diving activities.  This is done by means of practical diving tasks (e.g. wreck diving, decompression diving, drift diving, deep diving, and diver training exercises).  Each candidate is required to plan and carry out 2 tasks, which are usually conducted from rigid inflatable boats.IMG_0352


To enrol on the assessment you’ll need:


Upon successful completion of the ESADS Assessment, you’ll be qualified to supervise sports diving worldwide in accordance with the limitations laid down in current regulations.

Course Dates

The currently planned courses are as shown below:

Course NumberStart DateEnd DateBid By Date
ESADS18-0123 Apr 1827 Apr 1826 Feb 18
ESADS18-0218 Jun 1822 Jun 1823 Apr 18
ESADS18-0320 Aug 1824 Aug 1825 Jun 18
ESADS18-0415 Oct 1819 Oct 1820 Aug 18

Course Application

Click here for information about applying for a course.

In order to make the ESADS Assessment work, we always require a constant supply of guest divers to fill up boats.  If you’re coming on an assessment then you may wish to encourage some of your diving colleagues to come with you and fill this role.