Diving Medicals For Reservists

The policy for service diving medicals is currently laid down in BRd 1750A. This makes it clear that all service personnel, including all categories of reservists, diving under the JSAT scheme require a service diving medical.

Difficulties in Obtaining a Medical

We’re aware that many reservists have difficulty in obtaining diving medicals through service sources.  Although not specifically mentioned in the published leaflet,  HQ Defence Primary HealthCare Services (DPHC), have clarified that all reservists are entitled to have their diving medicals complete through service sources.  If anyone has difficulties then they can be contacted at [email protected].

In due course, regional contacts will be put in place for reservists wishing to access service medical facilities.  Details of these can be found on the intranet at the following link:


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Healthcare Records

In order to complete a service diving medical the doctor signing off the medical requires access to primary healthcare records. This can be difficult to achieve for members of the reserves as the doctor signing off the medical is unlikely to be their normal GP.

In order to help members of the reserves gain a service diving medical the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) have stated that the following process should be used. This ensures that primary healthcare information is passed to the doctor conducting the service diving medical:

  1. Print off the HSE document at http://www.hse.gov.uk/diving/fact-sheet-and-medical-questionnaire.pdf 
  2. Complete this questionnaire honestly but sensibly.
  3. Take it to the GP and get them to sign, date and stamp the Annex 1.
  4. Print out leaflet 12-03 from BR1750A and take this with the signed Annex 1 to the doctor who will conduct the service diving medical.
  5. Get a medical and get the BRd 1750A signed, stamped and dated.

Payment for GPs

Some medical centres will also require the GP to provide a print out of their medical history and last 5 medical consultations.  The NHS in England no longer charges for medical records anymore but may take up to 30 days to provide the.  Outside England, GPs may require payment and the cost of this can be recovered by the GP surgery completing a HR Form 382A (click here for a copy) and submitting it to DBS (address on form).

Optionally, individuals can pay the cost and recover it via a JPA claim.  This can be done as misc claims then under the medical, dental, optician and prescription charges section.