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Diver Coxswain Assessment – 14 May 14

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re putting on an additional Diver Coxswain Assessment on 14 May 14.   As always, we look forward to getting applications from experienced boathandlers so that you can get that final qualification.

Just one note is that this is a test and therefore you need to come prepared to have your practical boat handling,  voyage planning and theory knowledge tested.  As you’d expect, you’ll need to demonstrate that your competent, knowledgeable and safe to pass.  If you need further advice then please get in touch.

2014 – Guest & Rescue Divers Wanted

Our newest instructor, LPT Baz Chambers, sent out the email below today to everyone we think might be interested in diving with us as a guest or rescue diver:

My name is Baz Chambers and I have just joined JSSADC and am the Royal Navy PTI Diving instructor which has been gapped for some time.

As Benny will be departing the centre this week I will be taking on the roll as Rescue / Guest Diver Coordinator.  I have listed this years Ocean Divers Courses below which we will be requiring rescue divers for if you could please check your diaries and inform me of your possible availability dates during this time to help us out here at JSSADC.  I will send out a similar email each month.

 If you would like to help out and have not rescue dived with us before you would need to come in and complete some paper work on the Monday of the course and then on the Tuesday take part in some skills and drills in the pool at HMS Raleigh along with diving with a 3ltr pony as a alternate independent air source.

 OCEAN DIVER COURSES (Rescue Diver Dates)

Ocean Diver Course ODC1   –           9th        – 11th April

Ocean Diver Course ODC2   –           2nd       – 4th Jul

Ocean Diver Course ODC3   –           13th      – 15th Aug

Ocean Diver Course ODC4   –           1st           – 3rd Oct

Ocean Diver Course ODC5   –           29th      – 31st Oct

Ocean Diver Course ODC6   –           5th        – 7th Nov

 We are running a lot more BSADS and ESADS Courses this year listed below so if you would like to come and Guest dive again please send me an email so I can add your names to the list.  In order to work with these courses and guest dive you would have had to of completed a minimum of 2 dives greater than 20m for BSADS and ESADS DEV and greater than 25m for the ESADS Assessment in the previous 2 months.

 BSADS DEVELOPMENT COURSES (Guest Diver Dates) 2 x Dives greater than 20m in previous 2 months

BSADS Dev 1                         –           14th      – 16th May

BSADS Dev 2                         –           25th      – 27th Jun

BSADS Dev 3                         –           24th      – 26th Sep

 ESADS DEVELOPMENT COURSES (Guest Diver Dates) 2 x Dives greater than 20m in previous 2 months

ESADS Dev 1                         –           30th Apr – 2nd May

ESADS Dev 2                         –           4th        – 6th Jun

ESADS Dev 3                         –           3rd        – 5th Sep

 ESADS ASSESSMENT COURSE (Guest Diver Dates) 2 x Dives greater than 25m in previous 2 months

 ESADS Assessment 1           –           19th      – 23rd May

ESADS Assessment 2           –           4th        – 8th Aug

ESADS Assessment 3           –           6th        – 10th Oct

If you’re interested in joining our list of rescue/guest divers then please drop Baz a line via our Contact Us form and he’ll add you to the list.

2015 Expedition Slots Announced

In case you missed it Adventurous Traning Group (Army) have just published the Gibraltar and Cyprus expedition slots for 2015.  These are all contained in 2014DIN07-60 which is available from the intranet or by request from ATG(A).  Note that the slots are for all 3 services.

There are no dates for Ascension yet as these await publication of the trooping flight details by the RAF which should occur in Sep 14.

If you are interested in bidding for a slot in Gibraltar, Ascension and Cyprus then you need to have it in by 4 Aug 14.