Monthly Archives: April 2014

Suspension of AT CCR Diving

Earlier today I received the following message from Rear Admiral Woodcock in his capacity as the Operational Duty Holder (ODH) for AT diving:

My responsibility is specific and focussed about the safety of AT Activity conducted at the Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Centre. It is not for me to comment on manufacturers or any other issue but to determine if the Risk we are carrying and I hold personally as ODH is appropriate. At this stage I do not consider I have sufficient information to determine that it is safe and therefore pending further assurance I can only assume it is not. The level of assurance I need is high as Diving AT can be conducted using non re breather eqpt with a significantly lower level of risk and there is no operational imperative for us to use re breather eqpt.

Once I have coherent advice and assurance I will be able to make a final decision but in the interim all training in Re breather is to cease at the JSSADC. Clearly I have a wider responsibility for all Military AT Diving (although not a specific one) and therefore all MOD sponsored Diving AT using Re breather equipment should also be suspended.

I intend holding a meeting to discuss the issues raised in detail once we have the appropriate advice and by the end of May.

Questions on this topic should be directed via SO2 AT in HMS TEMERAIRE.