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Advanced Diving Weeks – 2015

The more observant divers will have noticed that our 2015 Programme contains two weeks earmarked for ‘Advanced Diving’.  These are new for 2015 and are intended to allow already qualified AT divers to conduct continuation training of more technical skills such as Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR), Advanced Decompression Procedures (ADP), twinset and potentially TRIMIX.  We will facilitate things by planning dives, gaining deep diving clearance, providing SADS cover, boats and other enabling facilities, such as equipment and breathing gas.

If this is a skill that you haven’t used for a while then we will provide an opportunity for some refresher training.  On the other hand if you are in regular diving practice then (weather permitting) we’ll put you on some of the deeper sites in the area.


In short, this is a great opportunity for you to refresh rusty skills or just conduct some more advanced diving of the sort that is rarely achieved on duty.  Tell us your requirements and we’ll make it happen.  They should be great weeks and we’re very much looking forward to them.

Full details are published in  2015DIN07-010 with booking forms for week 1 ( 11-15 May) and week 2 (10-14 Aug).