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JS Diving Safety Conference 2015

Despite a last minute change of venue back to the Roebuck theatre, this year’s conference still managed to attract over 70 divers from as far afield as Scotland, Germany, Northern Ireland and Cyprus.  We were able to give everyone one of the new log books that we now issue on our courses and a BSAC incident procedure/casualty assessment form printed on the same plastic as the SADS slates.  These seemed to be popular…..


Tim Gort has kindly allowed me to publish the notes that he produced after the conference which can be downloaded at this link.   Note that Superintendent of Diving has added in a few points (look for the yellow bits!) to clarify things.

These notes provide an excellent summary of proceedings and  I’d recommend that they are read along with the presentations at the links below:

Final thing is to highlight that the 2016 JS Diving Safety Conference will take place on 16 March 2016 and once again will be held in the Roebuck Theatre, HMS Raleigh.  I hope that many of you will find the time in your busy schedules to join us there.


*** Subsequent note from SofD that the MAC in the Red Sea may be in either Egypt, Jordan or possibly both.  They’re trying their best to achieve the latter!




Extra Course Places for 2015

In order to increase the opportunities for foundation level diving training, we’ll be making a significant number of additional places available throughout the 2015 season.  These will be delivered by doubling capacity on existing Ocean, Sports and Dive Leader courses and adding six new courses into the programme.  These are:

Full course dates and details of how to apply are available on the pages above.  The revised JSSADC Programme for 2015 can also be downloaded at this link.

Please ensure that this good news gets spread around and we’ll look forward to seeing a lot more junior divers this year!