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Updated FACTAIR F2235 Operating Manual

The manufacturer of the FACTAIR F2235 breathing gas testing device has just produced a revision to the manual which is now available to download from their website. The latest manual is dated March 2015 and previous versions should now be replaced.

Link –


Diving Standards Team – New Email Addresses

Those of you who keep an eye on such things will have noticed that the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) has merged with the Defence Safety and Environmental Authority (DSEA) to form the new Defence Safety Authority (DSA).

As many will know, the DSEA had amongst its members both the Superintendent of Diving (SofD) and the Diving Standards Team (DST).  They are now therefore part of the DSA.

Of course any change like this also involves a change in email addresses so the old ones for these individuals no longer work.  Anything you send to the old addresses will not get delivered.

The new email addresses are:


Gas Testing with FACTAIR F2235

In order to comply with the regulations concerning testing of breathing gas used for sub aqua AT it is necessary to use the FACTAIR F2235 gas testing kit.  In order to bring together information relating to the demand process, support arrangements and the training process for this equipment, 2015DIN04-078 has just been published on the Defence Intranet .

[Updated May 2016 – The DIN is now incorporated into BRd 2806(5) as Annex K]