Monthly Archives: July 2015

BSAC Expedition (3 Month) Memberships

Following the visit to JSSADC by the new National Diving Officer (NDO), Sophie Heptonstall, BSAC have agreed mini-memberships of three months duration. These should allow expedition members to dive as BSAC members, crossover/progress their BSAC qualifications and experience the benefits of BSAC membership without signing up for an annual membership.

The cost will be £25 for a three month membership which will provide the standard BSAC 3rd party liability insurance, membership card and iScuba (by email).

This is available now and can be accessed via the nearest military branch or single service association. Membership secretaries should contact Wendy Meadows on [email protected] or 0151 350 6218 as she will need to officiate this membership category. The following link goes to the form that will be required to be submitted:

If you experience any difficulties with this then please do not hesitate to contact us.



Diving Medicals for Reservists

We’re aware that members of the reserves have been struggling to obtain service diving medicals through service sources.  This seems to particularly be a problem with members of University Officer Training Corps (UOTCs).

Following a discussion with SO1 Reserves in Defence Primary HealthCare Services (DPHC) the position has now been clarified.  The bottom line is that all reservists are fully entitled to have their service diving medicals completed through service Occupation Health (OH) resources.

Individuals who are having problems accessing service diving medicals should contact SO1 Reserves or the regional team using the contact details found at this link.