Month: January 2016

JSSADPAC Questions

The last event at the diving safety conference is a question and answer session with the Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Policy Advisory Committee (JSSADPAC) which is jointly chaired by SO1 AT, HMS TEMERAIRE and the Superintendent of Diving (SofD).

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Diving Safety Conference – Admin Instruction

Those who have registered for the 2016 Joint Service Diving Safety Conference should have received a copy of the admin instruction in their inbox.  If you haven’t then it is likely that we haven’t received your registration in which case

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Theory Instructor Exam – 19 Jan 16

JSSADC will be running a Theory Instructor Exam (TIE) on 19 Jan 16.  If you are interested in applying for the exam then you must: Be a member of BSAC Have completed an Instructor Foundation Course Be a minimum grade

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BSAC Safe Diving Re-issued Oct 15

BSAC Safe Diving provides an alphabetical guide to the safe practices of diving  and service divers of all grades should know what it recommends.  Along with BRd 2806(5) it forms a key element of the diving safety system used by

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CNBA Oxygen Content Analysis

A recent International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) safety flash (01/16) contains details of an incident where a commercial diver collapsed due to low oxygen content of what was believed to be air which was supplied to  him.   Fortunately this

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2016 – Dates for your calendar

It’s that time of year when everyone is busy making New Year’s resolutions so I thought I’d suggest that ‘more diving’ should be high up on your list!   Planning early is always a good idea if you want to

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