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2016 JS Diving Safety Conference – Report

This year’s JS Diving Safety Conference was attended by approximately 90 people with attendees from as far away as the Falkland Islands and Germany.  Once again we were grateful to HMS RALEIGH for allowing us use of the Roebuck Theatre and the accommodation in the Le Fanu block.

The evening before the conference, an informal dinner took place attended by approximately 40 people to mark the retirement of FS Graeme Crouch after 38 years in the RAF Regt.

We were very pleased to welcome  a number of first time speakers including the new BSAC National Diving Officer, Sophie Heptonstall, and renowned technical diver and author Mark Powell.  There were also presentations from OIC JSSADC, Superintendent of Diving and Diving Standards Officer (AT) and the BSAC Safety Manager which have become the standard feature of every JS Diving Safety Conference.  Capt Lee Piper and CSgt Richie Hall covered the challenges that they experienced during the planning and conduct of their recent expeditions to Belize and the Philippines.  Finally the JSSADPAC took questions from the floor.

Copies of all presentations can be downloaded at the links below:

Both before and after the conference there were opportunities to visit the Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC) in Plymouth which were very well received by those who attended.  JSSADC also ran a number of courses including an Instructor Foundation Course (IFC), Diver Coxswain Assessment (DCA), SADS Refresher and the inaugural Collective First Aid Training course.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the conference for JSSADC was the presentation to our Equipment Manager, Des Mullan, of the Superintendent of Diving’s Safety Award.  He thus becomes the first individual involved with AT diving to win this prestigious award.