Month: April 2016

Issues With Loan Pool Equipment

During the Q&A session at the end of the JS Diving Safety Conference, it became apparent that some units and expeditions had encountered problems with diving equipment issued from the AT Loan Pool at Bicester.  A number of these have

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Porthkerris Open Again (2016)

Many of you will have heard that Porthkerris was temporarily unavailable to diving expeditions due to concerns over the condition of the buildings and compressor.  Following an inspection by DSO(AT), the facility has now been opened again, including the compressor.

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AP14 Oxygen Sensors Cleared

Following a successful trial of the AP14 oxygen sensor by QinetiQ, these have now been cleared for use by service divers.  Authorisation also remains in place for use of the AP16 sensors as well so divers have the flexibility to

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2016 JS Diving Incident Reports

The table below contains a sanitised version (no names or units!) of the service diving incidents that have been received by JSSADC in 2016. Further details on incident reporting and the latest form can be accessed at this page.

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Swimming Tests for Try Dives

The new JSP 419 has clarified the requirements  for swimming tests when conducting water based AT, including try dives.  It is now mandatory (JSP 419, Chapter 1, para 31) for all participants to have a recorded pass in their respective

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