Month: May 2016

JSSADC Short Notice Course Vacancies

Even though the application dates have passed, we still have vacancies on a number of courses including the following: Combined Instructor Event 16-02 (23-27 May 16) Advanced Diver course 16-01 (06-17 Jun 16) Chartwork and Position Fixing 16-03 (20-21 Jun

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Calling All RLC Divers

Just received by email: At the moment this is a scoping exercise to see what interest is out there to form a Royal Logistic Corps Diving Club or Association, following in the footsteps of the Royal Engineers Sports Diving Association

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Overseas Recompression Chamber Dispensation

Following the recent publication of the 2016 version of BRd 2806(5), a number of expedition leaders have queried the wording in para 0219.  They have interpreted this as limiting diving to a maximum depth of 21m (30m with HRR presentation) for

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Unserviceable Analox Oxygen Analysers (O2EII)

The Analox Oxygen Analyser (O2EII) is used in conjunction with the Factair F2235 to test breathing gas and should be held by all service diving branches.  Annex K to BRd 2806(5) provides full details of how they can be demanded

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