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2017 JS Diving Safety Conference – Report

This year’s JS Diving Safety Conference was attended by approximately 80 people and, once again, we were grateful to HMS RALEIGH for allowing us use of the Roebuck Theatre and the accommodation in the Le Fanu block.

The most important part of the conference were the two presentations from the Superintendent of Diving, supported by Diving Standards Officer (AT), covering the changes that we are likely to see to our service diving regulations.  It was also great to have high level representation from the BSAC with both the Chairman, Alex ‘Woz’ Warzynski and National Diving Officer, Sophie Heptonstall,  in attendance to provide us an update on developments.   Jim Watson, BSAC Safety Manager, provided a precis of the annual Incident Report which was followed by an insight into a recent DCI incident from the perspective of SADS and casualty.  The RNLI presented on water safety and offered the opportunity for individuals to have their fitness assessed which seemed very popular.  It was also great to have Cdr (Retd) Lanny Vogel give us his thoughts on the lessons that recreational divers can learn from cave diving, with only a small plug for his Underworld Tulum Diving Centre in Mexico.   Finally the JSSADPAC took questions from the floor.

Copies of all presentations can be downloaded at the links below:

We also took the opportunity to bid farewell to Cdr Mark Atkinson, Superintendent of Diving, who will be posted in late May 17 and to thank him for the work he has put into improving the quality of diving regulations.  A small presentation was also made.

Both before the conference there was an opportunity to visit the Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC) in Plymouth which were very well received by those who attended.  JSSADC also ran a number of courses including a Diver Coxswain Assessment (DCA), Marine Radio Operator, SADS Refresher and Collective First Aid Training course.

Looking forward it has been agreed that the next conference will be held on 7 March 2018 so everyone is requested to keep their diaries clear on that date!



SADS for Falkland Islands

I’ve been asked to pass on the message below.  Can you bring it to the attention of any SADS who are fortunate(!) enough to be heading off to the Falkland Islands in the near future.

The Falkland Island Sub-Aqua Club can only operate when SADS are detached or post to the South Atlantic.

Any SADS who are deploying in the near future or beyond are asked to make themselves known to FISAC via the PEd Flt at MPA, [email protected].’