Monthly Archives: April 2017

Kit Check!

Two recent incident reports from an AT diving centre have highlighted issues with submersible pressure gauges (SPG).  Fortunately both failures occurred on the surface rather than in water and the only injuries were minor.

Although not the case in this situation, these incidents serve as a useful reminder that this is a time of year when kit failure is relatively common as divers return to the water after a winter break.  It is always worth giving your own personal and club equipment an extra rigorous inspection to ensure that it is ready for the diving season.

Dates for New Diving Regulations Confirmed

At the Joint Service Diving Safety Conference, SOfD stated that he was going to request a delay to the implementation of DCOP 22 until later in the year.  This was after a request from stakeholders at the JSSADPAC to allow further work to be completed on the draft.

The publication of Diving Related Information (DRI) 7/17 has confirmed that the dates for the new AT diving documentation (DCOP 22) will be as follows:

  • Stakeholder meetings; 25-26 Apr and 10-11 May 17
  • DCOP 22 published 31 May 17
  • DCOP 22 come into effect on 1 Sep 17

It is also anticipated that there will be a minor revision to BRd 2806(5) to be published in the interim.