Month: June 2017

RN/RM Divers Required for Scapa Flow Exped

Ex RUSTY MERGANSER is a Naval Service sub aqua diving expedition to Scapa Flow that will take place 6-15 Oct 2017 and will be run by staff from JSSADC. The former RN Loyal class fleet tender and now liveaboard diving boat, MV

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Testing of Breathing Gas

Many people will have seen the recent unfortunate incident where a number of school children have been hospitalised after a diving lesson and the subsequent urgent message from the HSE regarding breathing gas from Aqualogistics in Stockport. The Diving Standards

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Cancellation of Asi 2017 Diving Season

Due to limitations with the Air Line of Communication (ALOC) to Ascension Island all diving expeditions have been cancelled until for 2017. RAFSAA are working hard with Ascension Island Base to ensure that they will resume in 2018. Units are

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Change of JSSADC Email Addresses

To reflect changes within the structure of the Royal Navy’s personnel area, all JSSADC email addresses have changed with effect 26 Jun.  The major change occurs near the beginning of the address and all email addresses have changed as follows:

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May 2017 BRd 2806(5) – Summary of Changes

The significant changes between the 2016 and May 2017 versions of BRd 2806(5) have been summarised in the document at the link below: 20170612 Summary of Changes in May 2017 version of BRd2806_5 It should be noted that this document

2018 Expedition Dates for Ascension Island, Cyprus and Gibraltar

HQ Adventurous Training Group (Army) have just released 2017DIN07-067 which has dates for the slots in Ascension Island, Cyprus and Gibraltar.    Bids are to be submitted by 28 Jul 17. The DIN can be downloaded by clicking on this

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