Month: October 2017

Annual SADS Registration & Branch Reports Due

November is nearly on us which means that it is time for supervisors to complete their SADS registration forms and branches to submit their annual reports.  Details of both can be found in BRd 2806(5).

Revised Electronic SADS Slate

A number of people have highlighted that the electronic version of the new (2017) SADS slate contained in BRd 2806(5) has a number of issues.  These included only 7 spaces for divers on the reverse, incorrect spellings and insufficient space

2018 Guest Diver Dates

It’s that time of year again where we’re looking forward to another great diving season. Once again we’re hoping that service divers will continue to come and help us out by acting as either guest or rescue divers during our

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JSATW(C) – Winners of Alan Broadhurst Award

At the recent British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Diving Conference a number of divers from the Joint Service Adventurous Training Wing (Cyprus) were given the prestigious Alan Broadhurst award which recognises lifesaving endeavour using good diving technique.  This followed an

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Amended Branch Annual Report Form

A number of branches have highlighted issues with the Annual Branch Report form that was published in the most recent BRd 2806(5).  This has now been amended and version 1.1 produced which can be downloaded from the link below: Annual