Month: February 2018

Cyprus – Divers Required

Fancy diving the Mediterranean this year for free??   JSATW(C) need Sports Divers and above to act as a Rescue Diver on one of their 20 scheduled Ocean Diver Courses.   Each course requires at least 2 Rescue divers so there are plenty

Ex MONS CALPE – Divers Required

Ex MONS CALPE 18 is a diving expedition to Cyprus led by 43 Cdo RM which will take place over the period 22-31 May 18.  There are currently spaces available for the following: A second ESADS or BSADS/Advanced Diver Slots for

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2018 JS Diving Incident Reports

The table below contains a sanitised version (no names or units!) of the service diving incidents that have been received by JSSADC in 2018. Further details on incident reporting and the latest form can be accessed at this page.


The RNRMSAA is conducting an expedition to Belize in Central America from 03 – 18 Sep 18. Ex Belizean Adventure (EXBA 18) is aimed at experienced BSAC Sports divers and Dive Leaders or higher, or an equivalent qualification from another