2020 Guest Diver Dates

It’s that time of year again where we’re looking forward to another great diving season. Once again we’re hoping that service divers will continue to come and help us out by acting as either guest or rescue divers during our various courses. The dates below are when we require people.

If you are interested, then please get in touch with Mr Graeme Crouch on 9375 54729 or
[email protected]

We can’t always guarantee this will happen!

Rescue Diver

Ocean Diver01/206-9 Apr 20
Ocean Diver 02/20 1-5 Jun 20
Ocean Diver 03/20 27-31 Jul 20
Ocean Diver 04/2010-14 Aug 20
Ocean Diver 05/2014-18 Sep 20
Ocean Diver 06/2028 Sep – 2 Oct 20

If you would like to help out and have not rescue dived with us before you need to complete paper work on the Monday afternoon and then on the Tuesday take part in some skills and drills in the pool at HMS Raleigh. This will include diving with a 3ltr pony as an alternate independent air source.

If you have already completed the paper work and pool dive with us there is no requirement for you to come down until the Wednesday of the course, We look to do 5 open water dives. 2 on the Wednesday, 2 on the Thursday and then a depth progression on the Friday. If the weather is good then this is normally on HMS Scylla.

In order to rescue dive you need to have completed two dives in the previous 2 months. If you are unable to achieve this then please discuss with us..

Guest Diver

As part of the BSADS course and ESADS assessment, we need to give the students the opportunity to plan and manage diving with realistic numbers of divers. This provides a great opportunity for individuals to come along and enjoy a few days diving whilst also gaining the chance to see what these courses are all about.

BSADS01/2023-27 Mar 20
BSADS02/2020-24 Apr 20
ESADS01/2027 Apr – 1 May 20
BSADS03/201-5 Jun 20
ESADS02/208-12 Jun 20
BSADS04/2027-31 Jul 20
ESADS03/203-7 Aug 20
BSADS05/2012-16 Oct 20
ESADS04/2019-23 Oct 20
BSADS06/209-13 Nov 20

In order to guest dive on these courses you need to have completed dives in the last 2 months to depths greater than 20m for the BSADS and 25m for the ESADS Assessment.

If you are interested, then please get in touch with Mr Graeme Crouch on 9375 54729 or [email protected]

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