2020 JS Diving Incident Reports

The table below contains a sanitised version (no names or units!) of the service diving incidents that have been received by JSSADC in 2020.

20/2Shortly after commencing a dive to 28m, a diver experienced a panic attack and indicated to their buddy that they wished to abort the dive. As a precaution the buddy carried out a CBL omitting the safety stop. All divers were recovered without further incident and total dive time was 7 mins.
20/1Shortly before ascending from a square profile dive to 45 m with 8 mins of live deco, a diver experienced the onset of a headache. Both divers completed all decompression and surfaced.

On the surface, the headache continued and the DDMO contacted. Following assessment by local medical staff, the diver was evacuated to a nearby RCC.
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