2020 JS Diving Incident Reports

The table below contains a sanitised version (no names or units!) of the service diving incidents that have been received by JSSADC in 2020.

20/7Following a successful CBL from 20m to 6m, one diver in a trio descended much more quickly than the other two and reached 16-17m. Due to low gas the two shallow divers needed to terminate the dive at approx 8m and attempted to pass this information to the deeper diver but the signal was obscured by bubbles.

One of the shallower divers started to ascend and drifted to the surface before descending back down. All divers reunited at 6m and completed a safety stop before returning to the surface.
20/6During an early morning dive brief it became apparent that a junior diver was feeling unwell. The DDMO was contacted who decided that the illness wasn't diving related and decided that the individual shouldn't dive until they had felt well for 24 hrs.
20/5At 4.6m, a diver indicated that they were experiencing sinus pain. They aborted the dive and returned to the surface without further incident.
20/4Two very experienced divers were conducting a continuation CBL from 20m. From approx 8m upwards, it was not possible to stop the ascent and the divers reached the surface. It is likely that either the inflator was unserviceable or the simulated rescuer was inadvertently depressing the inflator button.

20/3Following approx 5 hrs operating off a RIB in SS3 a diver experienced ankle pain. The ankle appeared swollen and sprained. After a several days to recover the diver was able to return to normal duties.
20/2Shortly after commencing a dive to 28m, a diver experienced a panic attack and indicated to their buddy that they wished to abort the dive. As a precaution the buddy carried out a CBL omitting the safety stop. All divers were recovered without further incident and total dive time was 7 mins.
20/1Shortly before ascending from a square profile dive to 45 m with 8 mins of live deco, a diver experienced the onset of a headache. Both divers completed all decompression and surfaced.

On the surface, the headache continued and the DDMO contacted. Following assessment by local medical staff, the diver was evacuated to a nearby RCC.
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