JSSADC Incremental Staff

Along with all  the AT centres, JSSADC offers the opportunity for serving members of the Armed Forces (including reservists) to come and work with us.  These temporary attachments can be for as little as 3 months and, although we’d prefer you to be a qualified diver, that isn’t necessary.  You will however need a service diving medical.

Whatever level of diver you are, we’ll provide as much additional training as possible during your time with us.  This is likely to include boathandling, gas blending, compressor use, marine radio operation and first aid training. Of course, you will also get a significant amount of experience of diving in one of the best locations in the UK.  Previous incremental staff have also participated in our annual staff training to Croatia and Malta whilst others have supported diving expeditions in Cyprus, Malta and Gibraltar.

If you’re interested in working with us as an incremental member of staff then please read 2019DIN07-109 and get in touch.  Please note that your attachment to us will need to be approved and authorised by your chain of command!