Advanced Diver

As a BSAC Advanced Diver you are a highly qualified branch diver. This course is for divers who are interested in extending still further their skills in planning and supervising diving groups, rescue management skills, whilst building seamanship and developing further leadership qualities.

The BSAC Advanced Diver course develops knowledge and skills. Divers gain experience in planning dives at different sites and circumstances.

Additional skills will be gained in using small boats, chartwork and navigation and many other related skills.  Advanced Divers who are Open Water Instructors are eligible to progress to Advanced Instructor.  It is also the minimum qualification for attendance on the ESADS Development course and ESADS Assessment.IMG_0765-002


To enrol on this course you’ll need:


A BSAC Advanced Diver is defined as a diver who is comprehensively trained, experienced and responsible and who can manage and supervise:

  • A wide range of adventurous and challenging diving activities
  • Branch diving expeditions to explore unfamiliar locations
  • Branch diving activities including dives utilising developing technology and techniques

Course Dates

The Advanced Diver course is run  in two forms.

The long (two week) course covers all the theory and practical lessons.  In addition it also includes a mini expedition to an austere location.  This allows a number of the experience requirements to be achieved including the 2 day exped , management at unknown sites and other qualifying dives.

Dates for the long course are shown below:

Course NumberStart DateEnd DateBid By Date
AD20-016 Jul 2017 Jul 2011 May 20

The short (one week) course only includes the theory and practical lessons.

Dates for the short course are shown below:

Course NumberStart DateEnd DateBid By Date

Course Application

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