Army Posting at JSSADC

Are you a Dive Leader/Open Water Instructor and would you like a posting at JSSADC? If so, then the JSSADC Army Instructor post is now available to all Army cap badges/trades and will be vacant from December 2020.

This is a unique opportunity to be employed in an Adventurous Training diving post delivering training to tri-service personnel whilst getting in plenty of diving in the UK and overseas. It will suit an enthusiastic outgoing individual able to work at tempo in a safety critical environment. As you’d expect, there is also plenty of opportunity for personal development.

The post is rank ranged OR 6-8 (Sgt-WO2) but you must be a Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor to apply. It will be loaded by the E2 board in Jun or July (subject to COVID-19 restrictions, etc) so if you are interested then you need to get your posting preferences amended asap! I’d also recommend a chat with your career manager and/or RCMO. The JPA PID is 2096060.

As a formal posting, it attracts all the normal service benefits you would expect such as married quarters, allowances etc (subject to eligibility).

Any questions please contact the OIC using the contact us form.

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