Army Sub Aqua Diving Association (ASADA)

The Army Sub Aqua Diving Association (ASADA) is the Army’s representative body for its BSAC Branches. We advise on diving policy, training and general branch business and are available to the chain of command when required.

We are not a diving branch as such – diving sits with the local branches.

We do however manage BSAC Special Branch 651 – one of the largest branches in the UK. This is the branch you join if you’re too far away from your local service branch.

Get in touch. We operate on FaceBook as the group “Army Sub Aqua Diving Association” and remember to answer the security question so that we can verify you.

Ask as many questions as you like, we’ll usually respond quickly. We can put you in touch with your nearest Branch (diving club), advise on expeditions, training, or any diving issues of any type!

You can email us: