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There have been a number of recent tragic cases where lives have been lost following fires on liveaboard vessels. The two most recent examples took place in Egypt and California where a total of 34 people were killed. Although investigations …

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Hopefully most service divers are aware that JSSADC provides support to visiting expeditions in the form of a RIB, diving gas and storage/planning facilities. With the local area there is also plenty of service accommodation and dining facilities which should …

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The Factair F2235 Dive-Check was introduced into service in 2011 to provide service AT Divers with a quick and easy method to confirm breathing gases comply with the standards set out in BS EN 12021:2014. Seventy units were initially purchased, …

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All divers are reminded that diving incidents and near misses are to be reported in accordance with the procedures laid down in BRd 2806(5). Of note is that the Duty Diving Standards Officer (DDSO) is to be informed by telephone …

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BRd 2806(5) provides details of the level of training required to crossover military (RN, RE) divers to BSAC qualifications. With the changes to the Ocean Diver syllabus some of the theory lessons no longer have the same content which means …

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Adventurous Training Group (Army) have extended their provision of British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) training packs so that expeditions can now order them for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and Cross Over courses. Further details including the …

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ATG(A) have just released 2019DIN07-093 which contains information on the 2020 sub aqua expeditions slots in Cyprus and Gibraltar.  This can be downloaded at this link or via the intranet. Bids are to be submitted by 25 Oct 19.  

A letter has just been released that provides a guide to Expedition Leaders and SADS on the role of the Diving Officer in a Diving Project. This is a key appointment that has significant legal responsibilities so it is essential …

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Unique for members of the military, BSAC offer a three month membership for those participating in expeditions under the JSAT scheme. The cost is £25 for a three month membership which will provide the standard BSAC 3rd party liability insurance, …

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The diving wing of the Joint Service Adventurous Training Wing (Cyprus) have recently changed their email address and can now be contacted at [email protected]

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