Diving Concentration

The Diving Concentrations (previously known as Advanced Diving Weeks) provide an opportunity for divers wishing to do deeper diving, depth progression from 35-50m or those possessing more technical skills, such as Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR), Advanced Decompression Procedures (ADP) or Trimix, to practise them in a JSAT environment.  Dives are planned by JSSADC staff in order to accommodate the needs of those participating.

Equipment, gases and sofnalime will be provided by JSSADC.

For a feel for what it is all about, why not read the report from our week in August 2015 which also includes a video.angler


To enrol on this course you’ll need:


There is no qualification awarded after this week although attendees will have completed a range of decompression dives in the 30-50m range. This is an ideal opportunity for divers to gain experience prior to attendance on an ESADS assessment or to complete qualifying dives for Advanced Diver.


Dates for the Advanced Diving weeks are:

Course NumberStart DateEnd DateBid By Date
DC20-0129 Jun 203 Jul 204 May 20

Course Application

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