There have been a number of recent tragic cases where lives have been lost following fires on liveaboard vessels. The two most recent examples took place in Egypt and California where a total of 34 people were killed.

Although investigations into these incidents have not been completed there is speculation that the causes may have been electrical fires due to either overloading the power supply and/or lithium batteries being charged. As reported in the LA Times, the US Coast Guard has recommended that commercial boat operators nationwide review safety measures, make sure safety equipment is operational and reduce potential hazards from lithium batteries, power strips and extension cords.

The International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) has also highlighted the Fire Hazard posed by personal electronic devices. It recommends that:

  • Electronic devices are unplugged when unattended or not in use
  • Electronic devices and associated cords are inspected before use
  • Flammable or combustible materials are not stored on or under electronic devices
  • Checks are conducted to ensure the voltage and frequency of an electrical device is compatible with the vessel electrical system

When JSAT diving is taking place from commercial vessels, such as liveaboards, the Diving Officer is responsible for the safety of all those involved in the Diving Project. As part of this they should ensure that fire safety measures on board the vessels are adequate and that the IMCA recommendations are followed.

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It’s that time of year again where we’re looking forward to another great diving season. Once again we’re hoping that service divers will continue to come and help us out by acting as either guest or rescue divers during our various courses. The dates below are when we require people.

If you are interested, then please get in touch with Mr Graeme Crouch on 9375 54729 or
[email protected]

We can’t always guarantee this will happen!

Rescue Diver

Ocean Diver01/206-9 Apr 20
Ocean Diver 02/20 1-5 Jun 20
Ocean Diver 03/20 27-31 Jul 20
Ocean Diver 04/2010-14 Aug 20
Ocean Diver 05/2014-18 Sep 20
Ocean Diver 06/2028 Sep – 2 Oct 20

If you would like to help out and have not rescue dived with us before you need to complete paper work on the Monday afternoon and then on the Tuesday take part in some skills and drills in the pool at HMS Raleigh. This will include diving with a 3ltr pony as an alternate independent air source.

If you have already completed the paper work and pool dive with us there is no requirement for you to come down until the Wednesday of the course, We look to do 5 open water dives. 2 on the Wednesday, 2 on the Thursday and then a depth progression on the Friday. If the weather is good then this is normally on HMS Scylla.

In order to rescue dive you need to have completed two dives in the previous 2 months. If you are unable to achieve this then please discuss with us..

Guest Diver

As part of the BSADS course and ESADS assessment, we need to give the students the opportunity to plan and manage diving with realistic numbers of divers. This provides a great opportunity for individuals to come along and enjoy a few days diving whilst also gaining the chance to see what these courses are all about.

BSADS01/2023-27 Mar 20
BSADS02/2020-24 Apr 20
ESADS01/2027 Apr – 1 May 20
BSADS03/201-5 Jun 20
ESADS02/208-12 Jun 20
BSADS04/2027-31 Jul 20
ESADS03/203-7 Aug 20
BSADS05/2012-16 Oct 20
ESADS04/2019-23 Oct 20
BSADS06/209-13 Nov 20

In order to guest dive on these courses you need to have completed dives in the last 2 months to depths greater than 20m for the BSADS and 25m for the ESADS Assessment.

If you are interested, then please get in touch with Mr Graeme Crouch on 9375 54729 or [email protected]

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Hopefully most service divers are aware that JSSADC provides support to visiting expeditions in the form of a RIB, diving gas and storage/planning facilities. With the local area there is also plenty of service accommodation and dining facilities which should make organising expeditions relatively straightforward. If you or your branch wishes to to bid for a slot in 2020 then the process for doing this is explained in the recently released 2019DIN07-113 Expedition Slots at the Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Centre in 2020 ; the bidding form is Annex A to 2019DIN07-113. Please note that all bids need to be in by 17 Jan 20, after this they will be allocated on a first come-first served basis.

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The 2020 JSSADC Programme has now been released. It contains the usual mixture of courses at all levels from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Instructor.

The programme can be downloaded by clicking here and all courses have also now been uploaded to the website.

For JSAT diving the following is the document hierarchy currently in force:

  • DCOP 22 – this will be replaced by DSA03 The Defence Diving Rules in 2020 with some aspects returning to BRd 2806(5)
  • BRd 2806(5) – likely to be revised in the next few months

All Commanding Officers, Diving Officers and those managing JSAT diving also need to be aware of the following documents:

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The Factair F2235 Dive-Check was introduced into service in 2011 to provide service AT Divers with a quick and easy method to confirm breathing gases comply with the standards set out in BS EN 12021:2014.

Seventy units were initially purchased, the majority of which were dispersed throughout the Joint Service diving community at club level. Since this time many clubs have either closed or merged, leaving some clubs with multiple Dive-Checks.

As many service divers will be aware, since this time JSSADC (well Des!) has verified and repaired equipment to enable clubs to comply with the air testing requirements laid down in BRd 2806(5). This is despite the fact that it isn’t one of our tasks nor are we funded to deliver this function.

On rare occasions dive checks cannot be repaired on a walk-in basis due to unavailability of staff or spare parts. If JSSADC held a small number of loan unit we’d be able to provide them to Clubs/ Exped thus allowing them to continue with their planned diving activities without disruption. Therefore we request that if anyone is holding Dive-Checks not required for immediate use can they please be transfer to JSSADC.

This pool of Dive-Checks is not intended to replace the ATG(A) loan pool in Bicester as the primary method to obtain test equipment for Expeds,

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All divers are reminded that diving incidents and near misses are to be reported in accordance with the procedures laid down in BRd 2806(5).

Of note is that the Duty Diving Standards Officer (DDSO) is to be informed by telephone at the earliest opportunity. The DDSO number is different to the ones used by SDSI(AT) and DSI(AT) who should not be contacted, especially out of hours.

Incident reports should also be submitted in a timely fashion.

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BRd 2806(5) provides details of the level of training required to crossover military (RN, RE) divers to BSAC qualifications. With the changes to the Ocean Diver syllabus some of the theory lessons no longer have the same content which means that elements are missing.

JSSADC have put together a bespoke presentation which covers the elements previously included in OT1 and OT4. It also provides additional information on JSAT diving which is likely to be relevant for military crossovers.

This presentation has now been updated to version 2 (16 Oct 19).

The presentation can be accessed by clicking this link (now at version 2). If you have any comments then please feed them back to Chief Instructor JSSADC.

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The next Joint Service Diving Safety Conference will be held on 18 March 2020 at 3 Royal School of Military Engineering (3 RSME) in Gibraltar Barracks, Minley. It will offer the opportunity for sub aqua divers from all 3 services to meet, share experiences and knowledge. 

There will be a wide range of speakers including a BSAC representative, the Superintendent of Defence Diving, Senior Diving Inspector Diving (AT), and of course JSSADC. There will also be the opportunity to have a Q&A session with members of the newly re-titled Adventurous Training Diving Committee (ATDC).

Those wishing to attend should download 2019DIN07-102 and return Annex A by 31 January 2020.

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Adventurous Training Group (Army) have extended their provision of British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) training packs so that expeditions can now order them for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and Cross Over courses.

Further details including the process for applying can be found in 2019DIN07-098 Sub Aqua Diving Packs for JSAT Expeditions.

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