The Factair F2235 Dive-Check was introduced into service in 2011 to provide service AT Divers with a quick and easy method to confirm breathing gases comply with the standards set out in BS EN 12021:2014.

Seventy units were initially purchased, the majority of which were dispersed throughout the Joint Service diving community at club level. Since this time many clubs have either closed or merged, leaving some clubs with multiple Dive-Checks.

As many service divers will be aware, since this time JSSADC (well Des!) has verified and repaired equipment to enable clubs to comply with the air testing requirements laid down in BRd 2806(5). This is despite the fact that it isn’t one of our tasks nor are we funded to deliver this function.

On rare occasions dive checks cannot be repaired on a walk-in basis due to unavailability of staff or spare parts. If JSSADC held a small number of loan unit we’d be able to provide them to Clubs/ Exped thus allowing them to continue with their planned diving activities without disruption. Therefore we request that if anyone is holding Dive-Checks not required for immediate use can they please be transfer to JSSADC.

This pool of Dive-Checks is not intended to replace the ATG(A) loan pool in Bicester as the primary method to obtain test equipment for Expeds,

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