FAQs / What does ‘in date current diving practice’ mean?

To be considered in date, you will have had to dive twice within the last two months.  We specify different minimum depths for these dives depending on the course which you are planning to attend:

  • Crossover course – 10m
  • Sports Diver course – 10m
  • Dive Leader course – 20m
  • Advanced Diver course – 20m
  • Advanced Instructor course – 20m
  • Advanced Twinset course – two dives to a depth greater than 20 metres
  • Branch SADS – 20m
  • Expedition SADS – 25m

Please note that we check log books on the first day of all our courses so you will need to bring  a completed log book (recommended), or computer, as proof that you have completed these dives.