Medical Oxygen Rebreathers

One of the changes in BRd 2806(5) concerns the maximum permitted travelling time to a recompression chamber which has now been increased to 6 hours.  Alongside this comes the requirement for the SADS to ensure that there is sufficient medical oxygen to supply two casualties for the entire duration of the journey.  Furthermore the oxygen must meet the standards laid down in BS EN 12021:2014 which can be difficult to achieve in certain countries, particularly those outside the EU.

At approx 15 litres per minute, a full 6 hour journey would therefore require 10,800 litres, i.e a 54 litre cylinder charged to 200 bar!  For most locations this will be a challenge to achieve and a cylinder of this size, or this many cylinders, also precludes some forms of evacuation, such as light aircraft.

The good news is that a solution does exist in the form of the WS 200 Wenoll Medical Oxygen Rebreather system which is capable of providing oxygen for up to 7.5 hours (single casualty).  A single system can supply two breathing or non-breathing casualties and the duration can be extended with additional two litre cylinders.  The entire system is lightweight (approx 12kg) and complies with IATA Dangerous Good Regulations for carriage on aircraft.    The system is an ideal solution for the provision of emergency oxygen where transit times to a recompression chamber are lengthy or the locally sourced oxygen does not comply with UK/EU regulations. as laid down in BS EN 12021:2014.

JSSADC possesses two WS200 systems which can be loaned out to individual AT diving expeditions and we also provide user training.

Please contact us if you wish to sign out the systems for your expedition or require more information.


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