Overseas Recompression Chamber Dispensation

Following the recent publication of the 2016 version of BRd 2806(5), a number of expedition leaders have queried the wording in para 0219.  They have interpreted this as limiting diving to a maximum depth of 21m (30m with HRR presentation) for expeditions which occur outside UK territorial waters.

Superintendent of Diving has confirmed that this it is not intended to be read in this way.  The way it should be interpreted is that para 0219 is only applicable for expeditions that are not able to meet the stipulations laid down in para 0218 for access to a suitable recompression chamber.

Para 0219 is therefore a relaxation of the rules in the 2015 issue of BRd 2806(5).  It provides for diving in locations where chamber access is not possible or cannot be achieved with 6 hours.  It also allows limited diving to continue if a chamber becomes unavailable.   For these reasons it should be welcomed!

The next issue of BRd 2806(5) in 2017 will remove this ambiguity.




Dominic Robinson is a BSAC Advanced Diver, Advanced Instructor and has been an Expedition Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (ESADS) since 1994. Qualified on both open and closed circuit, he has led diving expeditions worldwide including Jamaica, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Corsica, Gibraltar and throughout the UK.

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