Do I need a Medical?

Yes, you need a Full Service Diving Medical. Further details can be found in BRd 2806(5)

How do I find out if my course bid has been successful?

All our courses are loaded 8 weeks before they start and joining instructions are sent out to the lucky applicants.  You can also contact us and we’ll tell you by phone or email.

What is a Service Sports Diving Medical?

BRd 2806(5) Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Regulations (JSSADRs) states that all regular and reserve forces personnel must have a valid certificate of  medical fitness to dive issued by a Service Medical Officer or MOD Civilian Medical  Practitioner. The medical standards required for certification for Service Sub-Aqua Diving are defined in BRd 1750A “The Handbook of Naval Medical Standards” (see Part 2, Chapter 12, Para 1226).

Where can I find out the course dates?

Dates for each course we run are shown on the individual course pages.  Optionally you can download a list from this page.

How do I apply for a course?

You can apply for any of our courses by completing a JSSADC Course Application.  Once complete, send it to the JSSADC Course Clerk by email or post.

We load our courses approx 8 weeks before they start so this is when you’ll find out whether or not you’ve got a place.

What is the beginners’ diving course called?

The beginner level course is called Ocean Diver. It is the most popular course that JSSADC run and is heavily subscribed to.

Applicants need to be aware that not everyone is successful with their bid first time and that is why we encourage people to submit a choice of dates on the application form advising us of their availability.  As a Joint Service Centre we do not take block bookings from single units.

How do I become a member of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC)?

With the exception of the Ocean Diver course, BSAC membership is a mandatory pre-requisite for attendance on all of our courses.

The best way to become a member is by joining your local service branch.  All three service diving associations (RNRMSAA, ASADA & RAFSAA) also have a central branch that will allow you to become a BSAC member.  The final option is to join BSAC Direct (click here for more info).

I have been unsuccessful several times for a course. Why is this?

It is nothing personal! JSSADC is an extremely popular Diving Centre and most of our courses are oversubscribed.

If you have repeatedly been unsuccessful, please annotate your application form detailing your previous bid dates and we will try to take that into account.

What does ‘in date current diving practice’ mean?

To be considered in date, you will have had to dive twice within the last two months.  We specify different minimum depths for these dives depending on the course which you are planning to attend:

  • Crossover course – 10m
  • Sports Diver course – 10m
  • Dive Leader course – 20m
  • Advanced Diver course – 20m
  • Advanced Instructor course – 20m
  • Advanced Twinset course – two dives to a depth greater than 20 metres
  • Branch SADS – 20m
  • Expedition SADS – 25m

Please note that we check log books on the first day of all our courses so you will need to bring  a completed log book (recommended), or computer, as proof that you have completed these dives.

I am a PADI Diver. Can I convert my qualifications to BSAC?

Yes we provide training for PADI divers to cross over to the British Sub Aqua Club.  Full details can be found at this link.

I want to borrow some diving kit. Will JSSADC loan me any?

No, is our normal policy as students on courses at JSSADC take priority with all diving kit. However, any anticipated loans would need a specific request and fully justified reasons must be made well in advance.

Do I have to bring my own diving equipment?

JSSADC can provide all the equipment you will need to complete a course. If you wish to bring anything of your own, you will need to sign a waiver certificate to confirm your own responsibility.