Wenoll Emergency Oxygen Rebreather

The Wenoll WS200 Emergency Oxygen Rebreather system is capable of providing medical oxygen for up to 7.5 hrs (single casualty).  A single system can supply two breathing or non-breathing casualties and the duration can be extended with additional two litre cylinders.  The entire system is lightweight (approx 12kg) and complies with IATA Dangerous Good Regulations for carriage on aircraft.    The system is an ideal solution for the provision of emergency oxygen where transit times to a recompression chamber are lengthy or the locally sourced oxygen does not comply with UK/EU regulations. as laid down in BS EN 12021:2014.

JSSADC possesses two WS200 systems which can be loaned out to individual AT diving expeditions.wenoll2


The only prerequisite for this course is that you are qualified to administer medical oxygen through previous training such as the BSAC Oxygen Administration SDC or BSAC Dive Leader training.


You’ll be qualified to administer oxygen using the Wenoll WS200 Emergency Oxygen Rebreather system.

Course Dates

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Training can also be laid on as a bespoke course for expeditions wishing to loan the Wenoll 200 systems from JSSADC.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.