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Due to limitations with the Air Line of Communication (ALOC) to Ascension Island all diving expeditions have been cancelled until for 2017. RAFSAA are working hard with Ascension Island Base to ensure that they will resume in 2018. Units are …

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Expeditions have been allowed different weight allowances when travelling to and from Ascension Island.  The limits have been clarified with movement staff as 27kg in the hold and 9kg hand baggage. It is recommended that expeditions print off the attached file and …

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HQ Adventurous Training Group (Army) have just released 2016DIN07-090 which has dates for the slots in Ascension Island, Cyprus and Gibraltar.    Bids are to be submitted by 19 Aug 16. Click on the links below for: 2016DIN07-090 2017 Expedition …

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Just in via the RAF Sub Aqua Association: A short notice operational requirement is impacting on availability of space for none essential trips to Ascension Island in 2016, including expeditions. All walking expeds have been cancelled. At present RAFSAA has …

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Adventurous Training Group (Army) have just published 2015DIN07-092 (Annex A – Application Form) which contains the list of dates for the expedition slots in Ascension, Cyprus & Gibraltar.  It also explains the bidding process and further information for planning.  

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