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AT Diving Regulations (Jun 19)

The current document set for Adventuruous Training (AT) sub aqua diving is as follows: Defence Safety Agency DSA02 – Defence Maritime Regulations for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Introduction and Goal and Regulations dated 1 Jan 2019 Defence Code of Practice

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Annual Branch Lab Tests

BRd 2806(5) mandates that all service operated compressors pass an annual laboratory test. It would appear that not all branches are aware that it is possible to demand a sample cylinder and have this test carried out using service resources.

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Dates for New Diving Regulations Confirmed

At the Joint Service Diving Safety Conference, SOfD stated that he was going to request a delay to the implementation of DCOP 22 until later in the year.  This was after a request from stakeholders at the JSSADPAC to allow

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Overseas Recompression Chamber Dispensation

Following the recent publication of the 2016 version of BRd 2806(5), a number of expedition leaders have queried the wording in para 0219.  They have interpreted this as limiting diving to a maximum depth of 21m (30m with HRR presentation) for

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BSAC Safe Diving Re-issued Oct 15

BSAC Safe Diving provides an alphabetical guide to the safe practices of diving  and service divers of all grades should know what it recommends.  Along with BRd 2806(5) it forms a key element of the diving safety system used by

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SofD Update – Feb 15

Just received from the Superintendent of Diving (who always enjoys receiving postcards from expeds!): Apologies this entry will be briefer than normal as I am submitting by Blackberry from the depths of Northern Scotland. As the weather improves and we

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SofD Update – Sept 14

We’ve had another update from the Superintendent of Diving, Cdr Mark Atkinson, which you can read below.  It covers a large number of topics including the JSP 917 rewrite, CCR update and medicals so is well worth a detailed read.

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Message from the Superintendent of Diving

We’ve received the letter below from the new Superintendent of Diving, Cdr Mark Atkinson which is for dissemination to all those interested in AT diving. Having recently taken up the role of Superintendent of Diving at the end of May

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