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AP14 Oxygen Sensors Cleared

Following a successful trial of the AP14 oxygen sensor by QinetiQ, these have now been cleared for use by service divers.  Authorisation also remains in place for use of the AP16 sensors as well so divers have the flexibility to

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SofD Update – May 15

It is fair to say that the volume and variety of all aspects of Defence diving is on the up, AT is proving to be no exception as the summer season gets into full swing. The demands on the Diving

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Use of CCRs for AT Diving

Following a period of testing of replacement oxygen cells at QinetiQ, ACNS (Pers) has now lifted the restriction on the use of CCRs for AT diving. A copy of the email from his EA is below.   All should note

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SofD Update – Dec 14

May I first take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from everyone in the Diving Standards Team.  Dom has again kindly offered me the opportunity to provide you with a quick round up of events so

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SofD Update – Sept 14

We’ve had another update from the Superintendent of Diving, Cdr Mark Atkinson, which you can read below.  It covers a large number of topics including the JSP 917 rewrite, CCR update and medicals so is well worth a detailed read.

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Message from the Superintendent of Diving

We’ve received the letter below from the new Superintendent of Diving, Cdr Mark Atkinson which is for dissemination to all those interested in AT diving. Having recently taken up the role of Superintendent of Diving at the end of May

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Prohibition of AT CCR Diving Update

We’ve just received the update below from HMS TEMERAIRE on the status of AT CCR Diving.  As and when further information becomes available then we’ll promulgate it: Prohibition of AT CCR Diving Update – Key diving safety stakeholders attended a meeting

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Suspension of AT CCR Diving

Earlier today I received the following message from Rear Admiral Woodcock in his capacity as the Operational Duty Holder (ODH) for AT diving: My responsibility is specific and focussed about the safety of AT Activity conducted at the Joint Service Sub

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