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Incremental Staff Required in UK, Germany & Cyprus

All the AT diving centres have a requirement for additional staff to assist them in running courses.  This can range from above and below water instruction to supporting activities such as general admin, surface cover, rescue diving and boat driving.


As well as ourselves here in Plymouth,  people are also needed at the diving wings of the Cyprus Joint Service Adventurous Training Centre (CJSATC), Kiel Training Centre (KTC) in northern Germany and at the Adventurous Training Centre (ATC) Castlemartin.

Each centre has a slightly different requirement and full details are contained in the respective Defence Information Notes:

  • Joint Service Sub Aqua Diving Centre (JSSADC) – 2013DIN07-147 is still valid
  • All the Adventurous Training Group (Army) (ATG(A)) centres  (Cyprus, Kiel and Castlemartin) –  2014DIN07-162 has just been released.

The bottom line in all cases is that individuals will need to be released by their units for a period of time with 2-3 months normally being the minimum.   These are not formal postings so units will be expected to stand a gap which is likely to mean that many people are not able to be released.  The benefits for units are that they will be offering their troops an almost unique opportunity for personal development.  At the end of the detachment, the unit will receive an individual who is confident, self-assured and may be able to lead or instruct AT activities in one or more disciplines.

Prior experience or qualifications is not always required and individuals can expect to receive a level of training during the attachment.  Normally the longer the attachment, the greater the level of qualification achieved.  As an example, we have a soldier from the Household Cavalry Regiment who arrived as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver and under 10 months later is now a Branch SADS, Open Water Instructor and Advanced Diver.

In summary, these are great opportunities for soldiers, sailors and airmen to do something radically different.  If you’re interested or believe it is suitable for someone in your unit then your first point of call should be the DINs above.  I’d also strongly recommend getting in touch with a member of staff at the particular centre where you are interested in working.


The final point is that the diving wing at CJSATC have asked me to emphasise that they need someone from January 15 for six months who is a minimum grade of sports diver.  Sounds like a great opportunity!  Contact Sgt Phil Welch on [email protected] if you are interested.