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2019 JSSADC Programme

The 2019 JSSADC Programme has now be approved by the JSSADPAC and can be downloaded at this link – 2019 JSSADC Course Programme.  All courses are now also showing on the website.

We’ve got the full range of courses so there should be something there of interest to everyone.

2017 JSSADC Programme

The 2017 JSSADC Programme has now be approved by the JSSADPAC and can be downloaded at this link – 2017 JSSADC Programme.  The pages for individual courses have also been updated with the new dates so you can start to plan ahead.

Once again we’re focussing heavily on the high level courses that will provide branches and expeditions with the instructors and supervisors that are critical to there success.  This means four combined instructor events, seven Branch SADS courses and five ESADS assessments.  Hopefully even the busiest person can find a course to suit!  There are also three Dive Leader and two Advanced Diver courses, one of the latter which includes an expedition to Porthkerris.

We’re also running a plethora of SDCs including the ever popular Small Boathandling, Marine Radio and Chartwork and Position Fixing.  Many of these have been grouped together into a combined boat week which allows you to get all three together.

Of course we’ll also be running lower level courses with opportunities for Ocean and Sports diver training throughout the year.

For the very first time ever, we’re also running the practical elements of the First Class Diver exam over 7 days in October 17.  This will comprise the expedition and project preparation followed by the two day practical exam.

Finally there are another two Advanced Diving weeks programmed which are an ideal opportunity for decompression and technical skills to be developed or refreshed in a service environment.  We hope to get plenty of divers on them both.



JSSADC Short Notice Course Vacancies

Even though the application dates have passed, we still have vacancies on a number of courses including the following:

If you are interested in any of these courses then please get in touch using the contact details at this link.  Places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis!



KTC – 2016 Course Dates

The Kiel Training Centre (KTC), based in Kiel Germany, runs Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader courses.  They have just released their programme for 2016 which can be accessed by clicking here.

Priority for courses goes to Army personnel but are available to members of all three services.  They are also available to personnel located in both the UK and Germany.

More information on Kiel Training Centre can be found here.


2016 JSSADC Programme

The 2016 JSSADC programme has now been produced and all courses can be found on the website.  The key change is that we’ve simplified the process to get to ESADS.  From the end of this year, there will no longer be separate Expedition SADS Development and Branch SADS courses.  They’ve been merged together to create a single course which will be tailored to those attending.

In order to build on the increasing numbers going through the SADS process, we’re also now offering more opportunities to get on the Branch SADS course and take the ESADS assessment.  It is very much hoped that this will further increase the numbers of active BSADS and ESADS out there.

Some other particular highlights of the 2016 programme are:

The programme is also available to download from this link (version 4 – dated Jan 16)


Extra Course Places for 2015

In order to increase the opportunities for foundation level diving training, we’ll be making a significant number of additional places available throughout the 2015 season.  These will be delivered by doubling capacity on existing Ocean, Sports and Dive Leader courses and adding six new courses into the programme.  These are:

Full course dates and details of how to apply are available on the pages above.  The revised JSSADC Programme for 2015 can also be downloaded at this link.

Please ensure that this good news gets spread around and we’ll look forward to seeing a lot more junior divers this year!


JSSADC 2015 Course Programme

I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve now firmed up our course programme for 2015.  You can find details for specific courses on their pages, i.e Sports diver, ESADS Assessment, Boathandling, etc.

If you’d like the programme as a year to page then you can get it from this link – 2015 JSSADC Programme

We’re also added a few new elements which may be of interest:

  • Diving Safety Conference.  This is scheduled for 18 Mar and will take place in HMS Raleigh again.  Either side though we’ll run a series of two day courses such as SADS Refreshers, Boathandling and Marine Radio Operator.  We hope that this will offer the opportunity for those travelling here to do more than just attend the Diving Safety Conference.
  • Advanced Diving Weeks.  There are two of these (11-15 May & 10-14 Aug) where we’ll offer the opportunity for higher grade divers to do some more adventurous diving in the Plymouth area.  We’ll supply the boats, gas, ESADS and 40m+ clearances if you bring your twinsets, stages and (all being well) CCRs. More details of these to follow but you may wish to keep your diaries free!
  • CCRs.  On the assumption that all goes well with the QQ testing then we hope to be running them again.

As always, if you have any questions then please get in touch!