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Dive the Wreck of a 17th Century Ship of the Line!

Just in by email are details of Ex BUGLE CORONATION, a 6 Rifles led diving expedition on the wreck of HMS Coronation, a second rate ship of the line that sank in 1691 with the loss of approximately 600 men.  Divers with a minimum grade of Ocean Diver are sought for this exped which will take place 27 Oct – 2 Nov 2014 and be based at HMS Drake, Plymouth.

Anchor A of HMS Coronation

Further details are below courtesy of Capt Derek Gilbert who is the exped leader:

With kind permission of the Coronation Wreck Project Team and the Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Centre (JSSADC) a Scuba-Diving Expedition has been planned with the aim of conducting survey and recording works on the wreck of the Coronation which is located in Plymouth Sound.  Details about the Coronation and a video of the site can be found at

The Expedition is being organised by Captain Derek Gilbert (Wyvern Station-6RIFLES) with the support of CTC RM Dive Club and will be based at the JSSADC HMS Drake throughout the whole period.

The Expedition will be conducted using Joint Services Regulations, so all interested divers must be qualified as a BSAC Ocean Diver, be a member of a BSAC, also a Military Dive Club and hold an in date Dive Medical Certificate which covers the period of the Expedition.

During the week there will be an opportunity for Divers to complete the Basic Archaeology Diver course (a BSAC & PADI certification)at a reduced cost which will be mandatory for all 6RIFLES Divers. There will also be the opportunity to dive other sites in preparation for the Coronation. There will also be the opportunity for Divers to gain or work too higher qualifications and for any Instructors/Assistant Instructors to conduct some worthwhile training should they wish. Divers wishing to advance their diving qualifications to gain Sports Diver or Dive Leader etc, should ensure that they have the appropriate training packs on arrival.

Accommodation for those who require it will be at either HMS Drake or the Royal Citadel with the aim of getting all Divers in one lot of accommodation if preferred…so let me know when you express your interest.

With the Expedition being UK based the intent is to keep cost to a minimum. The cost for the Archaeological Course is £100 pp (subsidised for 6RIFLES), possible cost for the use of the CTC RM dive boat (31st Oct – 2nd Nov only) should a second boat be required (possible £10-£15 each tbc) and there will be an Expedition Fund Pot which all Divers will be asked to contribute to on day one (£20 each) which will be held for emergencies and refunded in full or part at the end of the Expedition whatever is not used.

A JSATFA has been initiated (Bugle-Coronation) and a supporting Administration Instruction will follow shortly, but in preparation all personnel who wish to attend are to send name, rank, number, all diving qualifications, NoK and contact details please.

Total numbers for the Exped have not yet been set and will depend on the level of interest and qualifications held by those who eventually show up… There is plenty of scope.

Anyone interested in taking part in the ‘Gleaming’ opportunity is to contact Captain Derek Gilbert on: 07827882785 or emails: [email protected] or [email protected]