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Over the Counter Medication & Fitness to Dive

Diving Safety Memorandum 09/18 has just been released and provides information on the impact Over The Counter (OTC) medication can have on fitness to dive.  In particular there are issues with Sidenafil (Viagra) and other drugs, which cause a similar effect as PDE-5-inhibitors.  These have been shown to promote the onset and severity of neurological decompression illness (DCI).

Download Diving Safety Memorandum 09/18 for full details


DSM 1/17 – AT Try Dive Medicals

After a visit from the HSE to the Diving Standards Team it has been deemed that a self declaration medical is no longer sufficient for service personnel to carry out a try dive as the service personnel are deemed to be at work.  Thus they are subject to the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 (DWR97) and must have completed the military ‘Sports Diving Medical’ as laid down in BRd 1750A.

The attached TRY DIVE MEDICALS DSM 01-17 is effective immediately.




AT Diving Medical Referrals

The Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) have released 2016DIN01-133 which replaces 2015DIN01-191.

This DIN explains that INM only has a single consultant in diving medicine and is therefore unable to accept referrals for AT diving fitness medicals.

Issued in Oct 15, the DIN expects this position to continue for at least another six months.


Diving Medicals for Reservists

We’re aware that members of the reserves have been struggling to obtain service diving medicals through service sources.  This seems to particularly be a problem with members of University Officer Training Corps (UOTCs).

Following a discussion with SO1 Reserves in Defence Primary HealthCare Services (DPHC) the position has now been clarified.  The bottom line is that all reservists are fully entitled to have their service diving medicals completed through service Occupation Health (OH) resources.

Individuals who are having problems accessing service diving medicals should contact SO1 Reserves or the regional team using the contact details found at this link.