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Porthkerris Open Again (2016)

Many of you will have heard that Porthkerris was temporarily unavailable to diving expeditions due to concerns over the condition of the buildings and compressor.  Following an inspection by DSO(AT), the facility has now been opened again, including the compressor.  This is obviously good news.

Unfortunately the on site accommodation is no longer available so alternative arrangements will have to be made, whether that is tents or the facilities at RNAS Culdrose or RAF St Mawgan.   Other on site facilities such as the stores, briefing rooms, toilets and showers can still be used.

For further details pse contact RNAS Culdrose or JSSADC.


Porthkerris Information

There was a great deal of sadness earlier in the year when Porthkerris was closed due to damage caused by the 2013/14 winter storms and also concerns over some H&S aspects of the accommodation.  The good news is that following some excellent work by the team at RNAS Culdrose, and particularly Sgt Shaun Roberts, Porthkerris is now open for bookings again.

JSSADC  used the facilities in the last week of July as part our our Advanced Diver course and can confirm they provide an excellent base for a diving exped.

We’ve been asked to highlight that Porthkerris is full open for business again and if you’re interested in using the facilities then the links below provide all the information that you need:

To discuss use of Porthkerris, find out more information or make a booking then please contact Sgt Shaun Roberts on

  • Mil:  93781 7161
  • Civ: 01326 574121
  • Mob: 07717714366



Just in from RNAS Culdrose is some information about the use of the Porthkerris AT facility.

 Porthkerris now has a new building manager: A/Sgt Shaun Roberts PTI RM

There a big future plans to try to make this a multi use AT centre. But for the immediate future there will be some disruption to expeds due to maintenance being done. This week the CPO Fire Safety Advisor has had to close the building for all use until the defects he picked up are rectified. To that end I just want to warn all divers of this and that I will be doing my best to get the building operational as quick as the defects are complete. My feeling is Feb and Early Mar may be an issue. All Exped leaders are advise to check with me before coming in case of last minute change.

A/Sgt Shaun Roberts, RM PT2, OIC Porthkerris, Fleet Air Arm Water Sports Centre, RNAS Culdrose, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 7RH

Mil: 93781 7161, Civ: 01326 574121

For those who haven’t been there then Porthkerris is an outstanding diving location on the South Coast of Cornwall between Falmouth and the Helford River. It was established in the 50s as an observation centre for sea gunnery training. The observation tower is three storeys high and perched close to the rocky sea front.

There are access ways into the sea via steps. The tower is in a small compound that is about 70 – 80 metres square and surrounded by security fencing. Access to the site is down a narrow track that comes through a cutting in the rock. The inside of the tower is clean and reasonably maintained containing dormitories for 18 people, a kitchen and eating area, ablutions and air compressors delivering up to 232 bar.