Useful DINs, Regulations & Information

This page has a list of documents & links that may be useful for divers operating under the JSAT scheme.  Another useful resource is the Defence Diving Standards Team website which can be accessed on the Defence intranet at the following link:

Planning AT Diving Expeditions

Adventurous Training Group (Army) (ATG(A)) have published a document designed to assist non-SMEs in the planning of diving expeditions.   It is concise but contains a large number of links bringing together other pieces of information.

Click here for the ATG(A) guidance for planning diving expeditions (V3.5) (new)

It is strongly recommended that exped leaders familiarise themselves with the contents of this document!


Diving Medicals


Gas Testing

Course Programmes

If you are aware of any other documents that you think should be on this page then please contact us and let us know.