Equipment For Diving Expeditions

The primary source of equipment for diving expedition is the ATG(A) loan pool at Bicester.  This has almost everything that an individual requires including regulators, BCDs, cylinders, suits and computers.

Full details of the procedures for booking and collecting equipment can be found in :

  • AGAI Volume 1 Chapter 11 (note that the link requires a Defence Gateway account).
  • Land Forces Standing Order (LFSO) 4407
  • Adventurous Training Clothing & Equipment Catalogue

It should be noted that bids for loan pool equipment require a minimum of 60 working days and that it is often oversubscribed.  It is strongly recommended that exped leaders get bids in as early as possible.

If you get a fault with equipment from the loan pool then please follow the procedures described here.

Please note that JSSADC is unable to supply expeditions with equipment due to the limited quantities that we hold.  We do however hold certain specialist pieces of group equipment that can be booked by contacting us: