Gas Test Certificates

In order to help with expedition planning, JSSADC maintains a list of overseas providers that have had an annual breathing gas tested carried out in accordance with the standards mandated in BRd 2806(5).  Note that in order to use these compressors, expeditions will still need to obtain a quarterly test certificate and carry out a before use test with a Factair F2235.

Copies of these certificates can be obtained by contacting us.

If you are aware of a provider that has been tested and is not listed here then please let us know so that they can be added to the list.

CountryCityCentre NameDate of TestTesting AgencyO2 Certificate
CyprusLarnacaJSATW (C) 4/4/19Case Chemicals
UKPortsmouthPortsmouth West SAC2/10/2018Trace Analytics
UKPortlandSkin Deep Ltd24/6/19Case Chemicals
UKPlymouthIn Deep20/3/19Babcock
BorneoBruneiPoni Divers5/12/18Case Chemicals
UKOrkneyMV Karin8/5/19Case Chemicals
CyprusLarnacaJSATW (C) (Nitrox Compressor)23/5/19Case Chemicals
Italy/SardiniaSanta Teresa, GalluraBlu Dive Center4/5/19Trace Analytics
UKTidworthKiwi Divers3/6/19Case Chemicals
UKPlymouthSandford & Down9/8/19Babcock
UKRadstockVobster Diving Ltd5/2/19Case Chemicals

Gas testing services that comply with the regulations in BRd 2806(5) can be obtained from: